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Littlethorpe Parish Council
Parish Councillors are
Chair - Gerry Spoors 
Tel: 01765 608057
Mobile - 07867 495067
email - [email protected]

Vice Chair - Christine Winterburn
Tel: 01765 603017
Mobile - 07968 089941
email - [email protected]

Other councillors -
Annie Gray Tel: 01765 279041
Mobile - 07803 904153
email - [email protected]

Jackie Laugher Tel: 01765 607857
Mobile - 07835 843857 
email - [email protected]

​Christopher Orme
Tel: 01765 603534 
​Mobile - 07702317290
​email- [email protected]

Correspondence may be addressed to:
Parish Clerk - David Duthie
                                Pottery Lane Farm
                                Pottery Lane
​                                HG4 3LS
Tel: 01765 676640
​Mobile - 07736022155
email -
From left to right:
​Gerry Spoors (Chair), Jackie Laugher, Christine Winterburn (Vice Chair), Annie Gray, Christopher Orme, David Duthie (Clerk)
[email protected]

Meetings, agendas and minutes

​Dates of future meetings are as follows:-

​​​Parish Council Meeting - Monday 3rd September 2018
Parish Council Meeting - Monday 5th November 2018

Read the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 5th July 2018


Read the minutes of the A.G.M. held on Monday 14th May 2018


​Read the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 30th April 2018

Transparency Requirements
Documentation submitted by Littlethorpe Parish Council for transparency requirements, including past minutes, can be viewed at:


Other News

Snowdrop Update
​David Duthie sent this photo of The Triangle showing the results of the Parish Council's hard work planting snowdrop bulbs last year.
Parish Council Election
The current councillors have all been elected unopposed to the Parish Council.
Bulb Planting
​Members of the parish council, along with the clerk, gathered at 'The Triangle', Little Crossing to plant snowdrop bulbs which had been supplied by Harrogate Borough Council. The bulbs were planted in 'The Triangle' and around 'Jack's Bench'.

Community Support


​Polling District Review

​Updated Local Plan Timescale and Additional Sites Consultation
​Read the letter from Harrogate Borough Council below.
Reply to Ripon City Council re Railway Reinstatement

Dear Mrs Benson

Thank you for your email of 6th June.

It seems that there is a complete misunderstanding on the part of Ripon City Council as to the opinion of Littlethorpe Parish Council on this matter.  For the avoidance of doubt Littlethorpe Parish Council does not, and indeed never has, supported the reinstatement of the rail link: consequently there is no preferred route. Indeed, Littlethorpe Parish Council has maintained this opposition to the reinstatement of the railway on the historical or an alternative route for some 30 years.

Our main points of opposition are as follows:

  • As stated, Littlethorpe Parish Council has no preferred route as it does not see the need at all for railway reinstatement. The Parish Council's major concern is to protect the interests of Littlethorpe residents. It is totally unfair that even the move to have ANOTHER feasibility study creates uncertainty and even distress for those residents. Why should Littlethorpe residents be subject to the threat of the proposed railway reinstatement overriding the peace and tranquillity which they opted for in choosing to live in a quiet and residential area. Even though Ripon City Council must realise that there is practically no chance of any funding for such a project, they continue to plough ahead, spending public money on this vanity project.
  • Nonetheless, Littlethorpe Parish Council does maintain that any specification should include the requirement for any consultants appointed to consult with those parish councils affected, which are not confined to Littlethorpe, in order for these local views to be made public. The other affected parish councils would seem to be Bishop Monkton and Killinghall. South Stainley-with-Cayton only has a parish meeting, not a council.
  • Will the specification address the question of how any reinstated railway is intended to cross the Ripon Canal in order to get to the putative station at the end of Rotary Way? Boroughbridge Road and its roundabout junction with the Ripon Bypass were constructed at an elevated level in order to allow boats to pass under the road and thus to reach the restored canal basin. This means that any reinstated railway would have to cross the Ripon Canal and Boroughbridge Road at a much higher level than the original railway in order to give sufficient height for lorry traffic to pass underneath. The area in question is now intensively developed with housing and industry: constructing such an elevated railway would inevitably cause immense upheaval to both. This is not a minor engineering problem and any specification should therefore address this matter specifically.

I trust that this email clarifies Littlethorpe Parish Council's position regarding the proposed railway reinstatement. Should you require any further clarification on any of these points please do not hesitate to contact me.

Keith Pettitt
Clerk to Littlethorpe Parish Council
Tel:01765 677703 (079432 11041)
[email protected]

Grand Opening
​Parish Councillors and villagers welcomed Adam Mathwig (Quarry Manager for Aggregate Industries) who officially opened the refurbished Triangle and Jack's bench.  Gerry Spoors, the newly appointed Chair of the parish council, had installed the new plaque for the occasion and also provided bubbly for a toast.
Traffic in Littlethorpe
As many local residents can testify, Littlethorpe is marked by many narrow lanes and sharp bends and car drivers frequently encounter large vehicles on these roads. Apart from causing obstruction to motorists, roadside verges are frequently ploughed-up by such vehicles. The vehicles are generally of two types – lorries and school buses.
Lorries: Concerned by the number of lorries using narrow lanes, the Parish Council approached both North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards and North Yorkshire Police on this issue. Both have the power to enforce weight limits (which are posted on roads leading into Littlethorpe) – but not the responsibility so they can choose what to do within their resources. NYCC Trading Standards view is that enforcement of weight limits in Littlethorpe is impractical due to the nature, size of the area and the multiple entrances and exits. The matter can, however, be taken up by residents directly with the companies concerned provided that details of the vehicle, the time of day and particular company concerned can be established.
School buses: These are operated by contractors for NYCC and they have been advised by the County Council not to undertake any reversing manoeuvres when children are on board unless it is absolutely necessary. The safety of the schoolchildren is the paramount concern. If reversing is unavoidable then the driver has to obtain assistance with guiding the vehicle backwards where possible. Any such reversing manoeuvre will only be attempted provided that the bus driver is satisfied that it is safe to do so. In general, children are not allowed to disembark the bus unless it is at an allocated drop off or collection stop. The only time that children would otherwise be allowed to disembark would be if there was an emergency and it was absolutely necessary for them to do so.  

Cyclists: There will naturally be an increase in bicycle traffic therefore drivers should be aware of the increasing frequency of bicycles and also the number of groups of cyclists using more of the road. We want all road users and pedestrians to be safe on our roads.
​​​Harrogate District Local Plan
Harrogate Borough Council have now produced their draft District Local Plan. 
The following areas have been designated in the draft Plan as being “developable” for housing in Littlethorpe:
• Within 5 years: Grange Farm site, Littlethorpe Road – 6 houses
• Within 6 to 10 years: Orchard Lane to Littlethorpe Lane – 56 houses
                                  Railway View – 21 houses
                                  Little Crossing – 5 houses
This is a total of a further 88 properties within Littlethorpe village itself. Additionally, the proposed development at West Lane, which abuts Ripon but falls within Littlethorpe parish and for which a planning application is currently outstanding, has the following numbers of houses as “deliverable” in the draft Plan:
• Within 5 years: 60 houses
• Within 6 to 10 years: 150 houses
• Within 11 to 15 years: 150 houses
• Within 16-20 years: 70 houses
Therefore, on this site alone there would ultimately be a further 430 properties. 

"The Parish Council is aware of concerns regarding the field use at Little Crossing and access to the old dismantled railway line. For clarification, the situation is as follows:

·         Field: The land is owned by the Hield Trust and has been for over 20 years. After several historical complaints about the maintenance of it (damage to fences, overgrown, etc) the Trust recently decided to improve it and have now let the field to a village resident to keep horses in. At no time has there been an established right of way across this land, despite it being used informally by dog walkers for some years, without the Trust’s knowledge. Around 2010 the Trust sought and obtained a Section 31 Statutory Declaration to prevent the creation of a public right of way across this land. With this Section 31 designation in place the land cannot be used to establish a new right of way. Existing local rights of way include the footpath from Orchard Lane to Littlethorpe Lane and Mankin Lane, the latter being a public bridleway.

·         Railway Line: Public rights of way do not include dismantled railway lines. North Yorkshire County Council’s maps of rights of way in this area quite specifically do not include the railway track. While NYCC seeks to preserve the route, given the possibility of reinstatement of the line from Harrogate to Ripon and Northallerton (something unlikely to happen in most people’s lifetime), the land itself belongs to local landowners and therefore anyone accessing it without permission is trespassing."
Road Safety: Speeding in Littlethorpe
The Parish Council is aware that many residents are concerned with the speed of vehicles driving through Littlethorpe, where the speed limit is mostly 30 mph. North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire Police share such concerns and the aim is to avoid and reduce casualties and to improve the safety and quality of life of local residents.
There is in place a Speed Management Protocol which shows how complaints about speeding, either by individuals or local authorities, are assessed and responded to. There is a single point of contact for the public – the North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau (NYPTB). Before a complaint regarding speeding can be taken forward, a Speed Concern Report form needs to be completed and sent to the NYPTB. The form can be downloaded at and should be sent by email to  [email protected] or by post to North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau, PO Box 809, YORK, YO31 6DG.
Following-up of complaints can take up to 2 months and enforcement is based upon national and local guidelines, so action is only considered as follows:
30 mph limit – Action considered at 35 mph
40 mph limit – Action considered at 46 mph
50 mph limit – Action considered at 57 mph
60 mph limit – Action considered at 68 mph.